Two Practice Areas, Two States, One New Law Firm Website Covers It All


Attorney Lauren Graham leads a double life—in the best possible sense. An Arkansas native, she went to law school in Missouri and worked as a public defender there. After returning to Arkansas, she added family law to her repertoire. When she opened The Graham Law Firm PLLC in Paragould, Arkansas, she was serving clients in both Arkansas and Missouri, and in both family law and criminal defense.

With a background working as both a public defender and a Legal Aid attorney, Lauren racked up more experience handling difficult cases and trials in a few years than some attorneys do in twice that time. She needed a website designed to appeal to clients in both of her practice areas and both of the states in which she practices. She also needed to convey her experience, energy, and what sets her apart from other attorneys.

At The Modern Firm, we love the challenge of helping our clients’ unique personalities and abilities shine through on their websites. When Lauren’s bustling practice meant she needed help writing her website content, we leapt at the opportunity.

The Website

The website content needed to make clear that Lauren doesn’t just practice in two states, but that she has the depth of experience to make her the right choice for clients in both. She enlisted the help of The Modern Firm’s law firm website writing services to get the point across. Lauren spends time listening intently to her clients’ goals and needs before devising a plan for their case; our attorney-writer did the same, sifting through materials Lauren provided and interviewing her to get a sense of who she is and why she excels.

Taking the time to get to know Lauren allowed the writer to convey an image of an attorney who is motivated to stand up for the vulnerable, and has the experience to do it. Working closely with our clients and showing what sets them apart is one reason The Modern Firm loves working with small law firms.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

Located in Paragould, Arkansas, near the Arkansas-Missouri border, The Graham Law Firm PLLC represents family law and criminal defense clients in both states.

The Graham Law Firm PLLC
221 N. Pruett St.
Paragould, AR 72450
Phone: (870) 586-5753

You know what makes your law practice unique. If you need help conveying what sets you apart to prospective clients and referral sources, contact The Modern Firm to learn how we can help distinguish your law firm through both website content and design.

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