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The General Counsel, Ltd. was ahead of the curve when it comes to offering outsourced general counsel to businesses without the need for a full time in-house GC or in need of temporary or ongoing support for in-house legal staff. Since 1985, the group has been perfecting a flexible, low overhead model for business legal services — whether on-site or remote, and whether short or long term.

The attorneys in this virtual law firm average 25 years each of in-house experience. They generally use a fee structure based on fixed monthly costs to ensure predictability for the hiring company — but they also offer a range of flexible project-based or hourly arrangements.

The Website

"Outsourced Counsel / In-House Experience"

This particular custom law firm website, which The Modern Firm recently upgraded to a better mobile responsive format, is pretty special. Content-wise, it includes readily accessible, clearly organized information about each aspect of the General Counsel Ltd.'s service offerings, innovative business model, and fees. It also answers common FAQs and showcases many of the firm's successful partnerships with companies in a broad range of industries.

Outside General Counsel Services

Functionally and visually, the site offers much more. Great infographics establish the value of the firm's legal services model. And their services page offers an interactive graphic allowing users to view relevant services based on the size of their overall companies and in-house legal departments.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

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