Countdown to 2018 — #9: One of Our Best Law Firm Website Designs of 2017

Number 9 in Ice

Website design #9 in our countdown to 2018 is for the Law Office of M. Erin Wilkins, LLC. Erin, we love ya. TMF has had a great working relationship with Erin Wilkins, a Newport, Kentucky divorce attorney. Erin's practice has grown over the years, becoming increasingly successful as her pool of positive reviews and referrals has grown. 

Of course, whether clients are finding you via referrals or Google searches, the website they see when they look you up is important. While some firms are happy with an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach, attorneys like Erin like to be proactive. So, although her law firm website was already doing well, she decided to take it up a notch this year, with a whole new design.

Our designers, writers and marketers had a great time building on the prior website, adding some polish to what was already working and replacing outdated bits. 

The Website — Before and After

If we do say so ourselves, our designers hit it out of the park with this one. Which is to say, there was nothing particularly wrong with Erin's existing website design.


Yet, take a gander at what a totally updated design can do.


Website Design for Kentucky Divorce Lawyer Erin Wilkins

The new design capitalizes on a couple of things, in particular. First, of course: the lawyer is up front. In all areas of law, when it comes down to it, the consumer wants to have a picture of who they are hiring. And we mean that metaphorically as well as literally. Through photographs, biographies, and client reviews, it makes a real difference to offer potential clients a fuller sense of who to expect when they pick up that phone to make their first appointment. And this is particularly true in the field of family and divorce law, where clients will be sharing intimate life details with someone they need to be able to trust and relate to.

Second, the new design draws on current trends in graphic design for the web. Wide home page panels, easily clickable buttons up front, and just the right amount of whitespace make this one of our best law firm website designs of 2017! 

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

Based in Newport, Kentucky, attorney Erin Wilkins practices in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

Law Office of M. Erin Wilkins, LLC
510 Washington Ave.
Newport, KY 41071
Phone: (859) 491-1100

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