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New York benefit corporation attorney Bonnie Host knows legal ethics. For over 25 years she served nationally and internationally preeminent law firms, culminating in her role as Senior Conflicts Attorney for a large, international law firm where she practiced in the complex arena of legal and business conflicts of interest, risk, and ethics. During her tenure, the firm grew from its origin as a mid-sized domestic firm, to the largest international firm in the world. Bonnie saw the firm through more than ten combinations, working closely with the domestic and international risk teams to create effective risk policy and a strong compliance environment at the firm.

So, what do you do next, after performing such an important and complex role for a firm that spans the globe? If you're Bonnie Host, the answer is simple: you channel that knowledge and passion into helping even more law firms and companies achieve their ethical and social responsibility goals. And you Go Big.

As of the launch of her gorgeous new website, Bonnie established Host Law Firm, PLLC. The firm focuses largely on advising and nurturing Benefit Corporations and supporting socially-minded corporations. Haven't heard of Benefit Corporations? Let Bonnie's new website explain:

The Benefit Corporation laws create legal protection for executives and directors to take legitimate social purposes, known as social "benefits," into account when making business decisions. This new corporate form better balances the drive for shareholder profits with the modern drive to harness the power of the corporate form to do some good in the world.

Super cool, right? On top of this work, Bonnie brings her years of sophisticated legal ethics knowledge to bear advising law firms on legal ethics and risk as well as conducting internal investigations for a range of organizations facing potential legal disputes.

The Website

There is something absolutely impressive about a skyline photograph of New York that is unique enough to make you look twice. The opening shot of Host Law Firm's new website is replete with gorgeous detail that draws the eye right in. As you explore deeper in the site, you find a combination of information about the firm and its services and helpful resources for client and non-client alike.

Bonnie offers resources based on her years of experience, including helpful internet links relevant to Corporate Social Responsibility and Law Firm New Business Clearance and her own Social Responsibility blog. She also makes things administratively easy for her existing clients, allowing them to easily pay invoices or retainers online through LawPay.

The full website may be viewed here:

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Host Law Firm is located in New York, NY.

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