New Website Spotlights Washington D.C. Historic Preservation Land Use Attorney


For some attorneys, the challenge is standing out in a crowded practice area. For Washington, D.C. attorney Carolyn Brown of The Brown Law Firm, the challenge is highlighting her unique experience and niche practice.

Carolyn is a land use attorney in Washington D.C. with a concentration in zoning and historic preservation. While there are other land use attorneys in the area, Carolyn is one of the very few with a Master’s degree in historic preservation. She works with builders and developers to advance their projects in a way that is harmonious with their historic surroundings.

The COVID-19 pandemic gave Carolyn the opportunity to work on her own for the first time in a legal career spanning more than two decades, and she found that she enjoyed it. She knew that creating a website would be an integral part of establishing her own solo practice, and she turned to The Modern Firm for help.

Because Carolyn is known and respected in the D.C. land use law community, much of her business comes by referrals from other professionals. Of course, the first thing most people do when referred to a business or law firm is to check out their website. Carolyn’s website needed to grab her referrals’ attention and confirm that she offers the skill and services they need.

The website delivers, with a billboard photograph on the homepage of a courtyard that draws the eye forward, a subtle echo of the tagline “Guiding Projects Forward.” The rest of the site is similarly inviting, with colors that are at once understated and warm, descriptions of Carolyn’s services and qualifications, and plenty of photographs of her representative work. The easy-to-navigate site also features a law firm logo design created specifically to reflect the unifying nature of Carolyn’s practice.

None of this was created by accident; The Modern Firm’s branding process let us take a deep dive into getting to know Carolyn—so we could better reflect her unique practice to those who need to know about it.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

The Brown Law Firm is loathed in Washington, D.C. and serves clients in the D.C. Metropolitan area.

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