New Website Makes It Easy for Clients to Choose Detroit, Michigan Criminal Defense Firm


In the fast-pace practice of criminal defense, bringing on a new client often depends on that client’s ability to quickly and easily connect with a lawyer they know they can trust. When The Modern Firm developed a new website for Cripps & Silver, a criminal defense and appeals firm in Detroit, Michigan, our goal was to give users everything they needed to make a decision and get a consultation right from the home page.

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Featured Testimonials Put Client Voices Right Up Front

One unique feature of Cripps & Silver’s new website is the way we prominently displayed client testimonials pulled directly from Google. The firm’s reputation for service and strong online reviews allowed us to feature a glowing client testimonial right on the home page and an entire web page full of five-star reviews. Testimonials like these help potential clients in a tough spot know that the criminal defense attorneys at Cripps & Silver can be trusted to stand up for their rights. To make sure those testimonials complied with the Michigan Code of Professional Responsibility, we added a disclaimer to the bottom of the testimonial page, in addition to our standard disclaimer page.

Giving Detroit Criminal Defendants What They Need to Know

People facing criminal charges have a lot of questions, and often need answers right away. We helped Cripps & Silver put together an extensive FAQ page and featured many “Need to Know” questions right on the home page. By giving potential clients this kind of information up front, we demonstrate that the Cripps & Silver attorneys know the law, and are ready to give clients the help they need.

Cripps & Silver Law
1300 Broadway, Suite 800
Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: (313) 963-0210

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