New Website Launched by The Modern Firm for Litigation Boutique

Attorney Ron Marmer already had a distinguished legal career of almost 40 years under his belt when he formed Marmer Law Offices. As the litigation boutique says on the home page of its new website:

Litigation is never an end in itself, but litigation often is the critical tool of last resort.

Ron and affiliated attorney C. John Koch moved on from one of the nation’s premier litigation law firms to create a small litigation firm that "combines the sophistication and experience of big-firm expertise with the flexibility to take on matters that large law firms often cannot." They will continue to spearhead complex and high-profile cases for both long-time clients and new ones. Ron came to The Modern Firm for a simple, elegant website design that could function essentially as an online business card and c.v. He also came with a less common request that became a particularly gratifying part of our work on his new law firm's website: consistent with his decades of advocacy for important public causes, our law firm website designers created a website section devoted entirely to public service. The public service section features five legal areas of national importance: children's rights in the legal system, mass incarceration in U.S. prisons, diversity and inclusion in the legal field, legal services for the underserved, and legal assistance for U.S. military personnel involved in civil litigation. The section features links and videos highlighting these critical issues and connecting site visitors to organizations involved in addressing them. The primary office location for Marmer Law Offices is on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago: Marmer Law Offices LLC 676 N. Michigan Avenue Suite 2850 Chicago, IL 60611 Phone: (312) 266-9900 The new website may be viewed at:

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