New Website Features Legal Services for U.S. Businesses Investing in China

Attorney, business advisor, and rainmaker Peter C. Pang founded the international law firm IPO PANG P.C. to assist investors from the United States and other western countries interested in launching or expanding businesses in the People's Republic of China. Still a mysterious place to many, China's laws governing corporate formation, business licensing, copyrights, and a range of other areas critical to business operations — such as labor and environmental law — are still evolving. IPO PANG therefore offers comprehensive legal services to foreign businesses investing in China. From the moment an investor steps off a plane, the firm's attorneys and advisors are there to assist with business conceptualization and formation, local contacts and culture, and navigating China's network of administrative and legal agencies.Utterly committed to the success of their clients, IPO PANG's attorneys believe that the common failure of foreign businesses in China is usually the result of a simple, early mistake: entering China without a full understanding of business and legal culture and without trustworthy local connections to guide you. They believe that large and small businesses can flourish in China with the right assistance and protection. In their words:
It is not size of your business that matters, but the quality of your entry business plan.
The website created by The Modern Firm was custom-designed to host the wealth of information that IPO PANG provides to businesses considering investing in China, from extensive discussions of the Chinese labor market to a video series discussing frequently asked questions about doing business in China.It was exciting to be a part of the launch of this new website, and we have no doubt that IPO PANG's prior decades of success in China will be followed by many more.With attorneys and consultants on multiple continents, IPO PANG's primary offices are in Shanghai:IPO PANG P.C.18 New Jinqiao Rd.Ramada Tower, Suite 2310-2312Pudong, Shanghai P.R.C. 201206Phone: (+86) 21 3382 1918The new website may be viewed at:
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