New Website Completed For Selling a Law Firm

We're excited to announce that we've recently completed a second website for attorney coach Roy Ginsburg.  Roy's coaching practice has grown throughout the years as he has helped attorneys achieve professional success.  But growing and sustaining a thriving legal practice is just part of the picture.  Roy now works directly with lawyers that are nearing retirement and are looking to sell their law practice.

Roy's extensive professional and marketing network makes him an ideal broker for selling a law firm.  He can help lawyers identify key assets, determine a price, set terms for a deal, and see the whole law practice sale through to completion.  Many lawyers simply fold up shop, or give away their hard earned clients when retirement comes. In Roy's words "Many lawyers, regardless of the size of their law firm, fail to recognize that their practices may have significant value that can enhance their nest egg."  Selling a law practice is an option available to retiring attorneys that should be considered.  Check out his site for more information or for a free practice evaluation.

Roy Utilized The Following Services:

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