New Law Firm Website Launched Featuring Michigan Family Law FAQs

If you have ever faced divorce in Michigan, you might have faced the kinds of questions fielded every day by the family law attorneys of Faupel Law, P.C. in Ann Arbor, such as: How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Michigan? or How is Child Custody Decided in Michigan? One of the goals of Faupel Law's new law firm website was to make answers to questions like these available online. We're proud to say that today marked the launch of the firm's new website, complete with their extensive collection of Frequently Asked Questions about Michigan family law, covering many issues related to divorce, child custody, and child support. True to the mission of firm founder, Marian Faupel, to educate clients, Michiganders now have a new, great resource to consult when they have questions about family law. Why FAQs? A frequently asked question fielded by The Modern Firm is whether and why a law firm should, in fact, provide FAQs on the firm's website. A major concern is often whether an FAQ could unethically encourage a client to engage in self-help without full information on the law. Our simple answer is still generally: yes, FAQs are a great idea. Why? Two reasons that ultimately merge into a single reason:
  1. FAQs educate your clients. Answering basic questions helps them to understand — before a consultation with you — what kind of legal help they need and what questions to ask when hiring an attorney. As far as encouraging self-help, a good FAQ actually helps the client see how a lawyer with a full understanding of the law can assist them to achieve a better result.
  2. FAQs enhance your search engine results. FAQs are perfectly suited to address the very specific questions some clients have when searching for legal help in the internet. So when someone types in, "How do I get a divorce in Michigan?", your site has the opportunity to show up in their browser results. Which means you have an opportunity to gain a new client. Is this marketing? Yes. But here's where we go back to reason #1: This is marketing because the best marketing consists of clearly offering your potential clients what they need. There's nothing tricky or mysterious about it. Offer information and get a better educated, appreciative client in return.
We wish Marian Faupel and her team of Ann Arbor attorneys great continued success and look forward to assisting with any of their future website or internet marketing needs. In addition to their family law practice, Faupel Law also practices estate planning, business law, and real estate law. Faupel law serves clients from Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and elsewhere in Washtenaw County and the surrounding communities from their offices in Ann Arbor: Faupel Law, P.C. 2452 E. Stadium Blvd. Ste 301 Ann Arbor, MI 48105 Phone: (734) 677-0776 The new website may be viewed at:
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