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The Michigan civil defense attorneys of Crimando & Cleland, PC don't pull any punches on the home page of their new law firm website.

With decades of experience defending lawsuits and acting as local counsel in Detroit and throughout Michigan, they assert:

Our Michigan civil defense attorneys are your company’s best chance at minimizing the damage caused by toxic tort, personal injury, products liability and other negligence claims. That would be a bold statement if it was not also true.

The site, of course, goes on to validate their statement, outlining their work in Michigan insurance claim defense, as well as in other areas such as financial and corporate litigation. 

The Website

"Teamwork • Technology • Solutions"

The firm's assertive new website intentionally features impactful, sans serif fonts and avoids unnecessary filigree. It is straightforward and to the point, like the law firm. Particularly important for the attorneys' field, the site features an impressive list of representative clients. It also has a great "Why Choose Us" page that elaborates the "Teamwork • Technology • Solutions" motto with persuasive paragraphs describing the firm's mission and service philosophy. Want to find out why "there is no 'you' in client," or why "creativity is the difference between status quo and success"? Crimando & Cleland has your answers!

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

With offices in Mount Clemens, Michigan, Crimando & Cleland practice throughout the state of Michigan for clients based throughout the nation.

Crimando & Cleland, PC
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