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When Mount Clemens, Michigan collaborative divorce attorney Sean Cleland isn't a lawyer, he's a philosopher. Or maybe it's always both at the same time.

Cleland recently founded Cleland Collaborative Solutions to offer out-of-court options to families who hope to come out of divorce with their health, nerves, and co-parenting relationships in tact. But his commitment to collaborative and mediated divorce is not borne of the recent trends in favor of more amicable marriage dissolution. Rather, Cleland was a child of divorced parents and has a range of practical and deeply-considered philosophical views on the subject.

Among his Free Resources on Collaborative Divorce and Mediation in Michigan is the Collaborative Mindset blog, where he offers insights on modes of divorce and their effects on families. His cogent musings range from specific considerations for spouses considering divorce to posts on the background and history of the divorce law industry. A particular post on "The Collaborative Mind in the Age of Specialization" reflects on the mission and genesis of of Cleland Collaborative Solutions, which offers information and advocacy in all areas of divorce:

Most people today know that lawyers have an ethical obligation to be “zealous advocates” for their client’s position. Lawyers can act upon a policy of scorched earth tactics so long as the goal is to win for their clients. ... This is a massive change in how attorneys previously viewed their jobs. Lawyers have always been bound to zealously represent their clients, but previously this obligation was limited by their duties to the community and their republican duties as “officers of the court.” There was a personal connection — not blind belief in a system — between the actions of a lawyer and his or her obligation to achieve moral and legal justice. Lawyers measured their actions by consulting their own consciences in order to maintain their moral accountability to their community. This approach has largely been abandoned today, and replaced with an easy to follow rule of “zealous advocacy,” allowing lawyers to simply ignore how their approach affects the world around them. ...

This change in focus on “zealous advocacy” has resulted in a system of achieving divorce with a reputation for high costs, stress, and damaging effects on people’s lives.

The Website

"A better approach to divorce — a better solution for you."

The new website embodies the firm's dual purpose as advocate and resource. Chock full of information but cleanly designed and easily navigable, users can select from free resources and pages on divorce options. Its well-balanced combination of information and invitations to contact the firm also speaks directly to the mindset of spouses considering divorce: the decision to spit up a marriage often takes a long time to make; unlike immediate legal claims with statutes of limitations, parties considering divorce often take months or years to consider their options. The new website lays out those options and then also has additional information and forms at hand for when a reader is ready to move forward, such as a page on fees for the firm's services and a confidential online contact form. 

The full website may be viewed here:

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Located in Mt. Clemens, Cleland Collaborative Solutions serves families in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne County as well as elsewhere in Southeast Michigan. 

Cleland Collaborative Solutions
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