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This was not Kansas City divorce attorney Mark Wortman's first rodeo. Mark came to The Modern Firm with a ton of fantastic, personally authored website material on All Things Kansas Family Law, from extensive resources for laypeople on the Missouri divorce process to countless blog entries making sense of recent developments in Missouri divorce and family law. As his previous website and blog had grown, however, his resources were in need of careful reorganization.

Attorneys very often come to our website writing / content team insisting: "I don't want a lot of text of my website. I want it clean and easy to navigate. I don't want people to have to scroll to read what I have to say." There are a few issues with this mindset, however.

First off, if you want to market yourself well, can you really express your service offerings, approach, and valuable experience in the handful of lines before scrolling is required? (Indeed, it's best to simply get over your Fear of Scrolling: over half your potential clients will visit your website from their phones, anyway — scrolling is simply expected.)

Second, a clean, easy-to-navigate website doesn't have to be a sparse website. It just has to be a well-organized website. There are many ways to segment and lay out text that make it easy to navigate without throwing out the baby (i.e. your awesome content) with the bathwater (i.e. the jumble of text you've seen on other websites and want to avoid).

Finally, neither search engines nor human readers are particularly interested in billboard websites with a nice slogan and a handful of sparse pages. Rather, in all but the rarest of cases, the more useful information you can provide, the better. Think about the varying needs of each type of client you want to attract. And think about the varying elements of your approach and background that they will want to look into as they choose an attorney.

Better organization was all Mark needed to continue to achieve his website goal: provide comprehensive, straightforward information on Missouri family law for his Kansas City neighbors. For each of his practice areas, he breaks down the relevant legal considerations in plain language. He also answers FAQs and provides other Missouri family law resources. And he does it all through easily accessible links on a straightforward black and white menu bar.

The full website may be viewed here:

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Attorney Mark Wortman is based in Kansas City and serves clients throughout Jackson, Platte, Clay, and Cass counties, Missouri.

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