Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer’s New Web Design Is on the Case


David Balmer was a well-established criminal defense lawyer when he came to us, but wanted help refreshing his existing website. Based in Minneapolis, The Balmer Law Office offers a full spectrum of criminal defense services throughout Minnesota, which means he had a lot of content to work with—and to organize. We were happy to help, and we think the end result is great showcase that allows his expertise to shine through to future clients.

Balmer wrote most of his old website himself and didn’t need a major overhaul, just a website refresh. So for this project, we revamped his design and then merely helped to polish the text and reorganize it in a way that we think potential clients will find easy to use. The new site has a “Why Work With David?” page as well as an attorney bio, allowing him to sell his services in two different ways. It also has FAQs on practical issues like how clients can pay and how they should behave when questioned by police, which we like because it answers the questions that his potential clients are likely searching the Web for.

We’re expecting a lot of those potential clients, because Balmer’s extensive content—including blog posts as well as practice area pages—is great for search engine optimization (SEO). The Modern Firm can start SEO from scratch, but we’ll admit we like it when clients help by bringing us so much material for search engines to find. Balmer’s FAQs, and many of the blog posts, attract visitors; once they’re there, they can click on specific practice area pages, which range in seriousness from underage drinking violations to felony sex crimes, to learn more about their specific situations. From there, potential clients don’t even need to leave the page to request a free case evaluation.

The full website may be viewed here: www.balmerlawoffice.com.

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio

The Balmer Law Office is located in Minnetonka, Minnesota and represents clients in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota.

Balmer Law Office, PLLC
12800 Whitewater Dr, Suite 130
Minnetonka, MN 55343
Phone: 612-326-4175

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