New Firm Website Targets Nationwide Emerging Cannabis Industry


Edward Culhane isn’t your standard marijuana business lawyer. His firm Culhane Law brings corporate litigation sophistication to the emerging cannabis industry. His new website speaks to his nationwide clientele, meeting them on their level and bringing a degree of industry-specific expertise few can match.

Culhane Law assists venture capitalists, fund managers, deal makers and family office staff with the business of entering the emerging cannabis industry. Edward Culhane and his associates provide up-to-date advice on legal, regulatory, and corporate issues related to marijuana, cannabis, CBD, and industrial hemp, helping their clients make wise and secure investments. The firm handles mergers and acquisitions, securities and capital raising, as well as corporate fundraising.

While Culhane Law has offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota and West Hollywood, California, the firm’s geographic reach is not nearly so limited. Culhane and his associates travel across the country to meet with investors, entrepreneurs, and fund managers seeking to understand the legal complexities of this emerging market. With decades of experience as corporate attorneys and business managers, the firm can take on some of the most complicated business-related legal issues.

Culhane Law also provides assistance to deal lawyers who are unfamiliar with marijuana or cannabis law, or local attorneys who do not focus on the high-end corporate matters their clients need. The new Culhane Law website makes it easy for cannabis attorneys to refer clients to firm for help raising capital or completing complex transactions.

The Website

“Helping Marijuana & Hemp Industry Investments Make Sense”

In addition to working directly with attorneys, our website development team is happy to work alongside a new law firm's business development team — including their in-house staff, marketers, and legal business development coaches — to ensure the goals and messaging of a new venture are properly captured in both the design and the text of a firm's first website.

In this case, Culhane himself is a national speaker on the topic of the emerging cannabis industry. His new website brings his expertise and experience to corporations and investors across the country. Culhane came to The Modern Firm with a very specific client in mind. Our staff worked carefully with him to be sure the website’s design, imagery, and content all spoke to the right kind of visitors, paving the way for him to develop a deep reach into a nationwide niche market. 

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

With offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota and West Hollywood, California, Culhane Law serves clients nationwide.

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