New Modern Firm Website for Niche Massachusetts Construction Law Attorney


Construction law is a niche area if there ever was one. It seems that, when we work with attorneys practicing in this area, their greatest strength is an in-depth, real-world background in the industry. Indeed, most of them have reported backgrounds along lines of that of Massachusetts construction law attorney Stan Martin, who not only worked in construction but also obtained an architecture degree before entering the legal field.

So, when building a website for a construction law firm — as we recently did for Stan's firm, Commonsense Construction Law — emphasizing the lawyer's background and experience is a primary goal. Stan, we're proud to say, went several steps further. In describing his legal services, he offers helpful details not only on his relevant background, but on his philosophy and practice approach, as well. His construction law resources page further provides a veritable bounty of helpful information, forms and publications for anyone in the industry. Stan also offers further insights through his blog.

Congrats on the launch and best of luck, Stan!

The full website may be viewed here:

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With offices in Andover, Massachusetts just outside of Boston, Commonsense Construction Law regularly serves clients throughout New England and handles some matters nationwide.

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