Lexington, KY Law Firm’s New Website Gives Straightforward Answers to Users’ Questions


When attorneys work directly with the public, including in practice areas like criminal defense, civil rights, and personal injury, attracting the right clients often means answering a lot of questions. When Noel Caldwell in Lexington, Kentucky, started looking for a new website for his law firm, he knew he needed to make it easy for users to find the answers to their questions and get straightforward advice from an honest and respected attorney. The Modern Firm was there to help, providing a new website that put those answers right up front.

The full website may be viewed here: www.noelcaldwell.com

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Helpful Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, Right on the Home Page

Noel Caldwell, Attorney at Law, PLLC, is a small firm based in Lexington, Kentucky. Noel had worked with his father before opening his own private practice, which meant The Modern Firm’s team needed to distinguish this Caldwell law firm from what had come before. While his father was still part of the team, the law firm’s new website needed to focus on Noel’s work in the areas of criminal defense, civil rights, and personal injury.

One key aspect of Noel’s practice is his dedication to honest, straightforward advice. On the website, this translated to a robust FAQ section answering potential clients’ top questions in each of his three main practice areas. This was especially important given Noel’s focus on civil rights, and how often that practice area generates bad leads because potential clients don’t know whether they have a claim. To make it even easier for users to find the answers they were looking for, we featured six of these questions right on the home page, inviting users to come to Noel for answers to all their legal questions.

Noel Caldwell, Attorney at Law PLLC
153 Market Street
Lexington, KY 40507

Get Answers to Your Law Firm’s Website Questions

At The Modern Firm, we share Noel’s commitment to giving straightforward answers to all our clients questions. We can help your law firm create a new website that conveys your brand, your lawyers’ personalities and your priorities, and makes it easy for clients to connect with you for legal advice.  Contact The Modern Firm to learn how we can help you create a new website that helps your clients find you.

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