Law Firm Website Design Completed for Michigan Divorce Attorney

Today we launched the new attorney website for Michigan divorce attorney Danielle Smith.  In just over 3 weeks we created, tested and launched an entirely new website design for her using our modExpress process. The law firm website features modExpress layout #53 with a custom slideshow, showcases of the attorney's AVVO rating, collaborative training, and testimonials.

In case you haven't seen, our modExpress design process is a super flexible way for us to create highly customized law firm websites without having to reinvent the wheel each time.

About Michigan Divorce Options:

The Law office of Danielle A. Smith PLLC – Michigan Divorce Options is dedicated to serving clients' needs with professionalism, expedience and understanding. They know the emotional and financial impact on families during crisis are difficult for clients and require immediate attention. Their goal is to assist clients through this stressful phase in their lives with an emphasis on providing the best option for successful resolution and a positive future for the clients and their children.

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