TMF Launches its First Law Firm Website Featuring a Famous Pool Table


He (she?) doesn't have a name. But the pool table at the Baltimore Law Office of Martin H. Schreiber II, LLC does have a website profile. Indeed, the table's popularity regularly draws visitors to the firm, and has even been written about in the Baltimore Business Journal. 

The pool table's prominence on the new website for Marty Schreiber's law firm is indicative of why The Modern Firm loves working only with smaller law firms. These firms tend to take on the personalities of their lawyers and their communities. So building websites for them often feels like much more than just providing a product or service. We love helping firms to express their personalities while also meeting whatever goals they have for online marketing.

In this case, established attorney Marty Schreiber's need was for an online presence that allows his referral network to find him on the web. And we have no doubt that folks who have already met him will find the site and think, "yep, that's Marty!" For those who haven't yet made his acquaintance, they'll get a great feel for both the personality of his firm and the range of his well established litigation practice. 

His site is a particularly colorful and eye-catching example of what we sometimes think of as a business-card type website design, like the sleek website design for nearby Maryland attorney Melanie Glickson

Highlighted website feature: check out the site's great Press Coverage page, which offers links to Marty's cases in the news.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

Based in Baltimore, the Law Office of Martin H. Schreiber II, LLC practices in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Law Office of Martin H. Schreiber II, LLC
3600 Clipper Mill Road, Suite 201
Baltimore, MD 21211 

Phone: (410) 366-4777

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