Lansing, Michigan Attorneys Revamp Website for Family Law


Lansing, Michigan attorney Natalie Alane is the namesake behind the newly formed Alane Family Law firm. But she is certainly not new to the field. Natalie has years of experience — and recognition — in Michigan divorce and custody litigation, mediation and appeals. And members of her team, which includes former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Michael F. Cavanagh, have worked together for quite some time.

Alane Family Law is a divorce and custody-focused offshoot of Lansing's former Alane & Chartier P.L.C. The team continues to pride itself on being, in their words, a

devoted and motivated team of people who care about you and your case. We pride ourselves in our individualized connections with our clients, our excellent client service, and our exceptional litigation and advocacy skills.

Top quality representation is the gold standard at Alane Family Law, P.C. You deserve no less.

The Website

"Providing Excellence in Advocacy for All Family Matters"

We loved working again with Natalie, whom The Modern Firm has served for years in website design, hosting and support. Indeed, we consider it part of our mission to work flexibly and affordably with small law firms which, by nature, often face shifts in partnerships or practice focus. In this case, we largely revamped the website previously designed for Natalie's prior firm, all at a much lower cost than starting from scratch.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

Alane Family Law, P.C. is based in Lansing and practices family law throughout Michigan.

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