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Keene, NH Trial Lawyer Kelly E. Dowd describes his focus as "small-town litigation." His key practice areas consist of criminal defense, family law, civil litigation, land use, and appeals.  One of Kelly's strengths is his ability to create a connection with his clients who are often facing serious legal consequences. During our initial call with Kelly, we got the impression that it was truly important to him to create an alliance with his clients and help them resolve their legal issues. He has some awesome client testimonials on his website that showcase what kind of an attorney he is.

"I had heard that Kelly Dowd has a good reputation, would listen, and would take action. It was embarrassing having to explain how I found myself in such a situation, but he was kind. I felt comforted that someone would look out for my interests and cared about my well-being."

The Website

"Experienced Keene, NH Trial Lawyer Serving Southern New Hampshire"

There is no denying that blue is an incredibly popular color when it comes to law firm websites. It’s often the favorite color of both men and women alike and studies show the color evokes the feelings of trust and dependability. It’s a good and safe color to use and we’ve created many awesome designs with various shades of blue. Go ahead and look at our law firm website portfolio for some examples!

With that said, we love (love!) when an attorney wants to mix it up with a less traditional color scheme. Kelly came to The Modern Firm with an existing logo. Our design team pulled the orange color from the logo and used it for the headers, links, buttons, and footer. We think the design looks modern and fresh with this color scheme!

The Law Offices of Kelly E. Dowd, PLLC  Serves Southern New Hampshire.

The Law Offices of Kelly E. Dowd, PLLC
29 Center Street, Suite 12
PO Box 188 Keene,
NH 03431-0188
(603) 499-8261

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