Indiana Injury Lawyers Address Client Needs With New Law Firm Website


Attorneys Donald Wruck and Jason Paupore were law school classmates, and have been practicing together since the early 2000s in the firm Don founded shortly after graduating. Based in Dyer, Indiana, Wruck Paupore PC helps injury victims throughout the state, including auto accident victims and victims of nursing home abuse and neglect. The firm’s attorneys went into plaintiffs’ injury practice because they wanted to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Throughout their decades in practice together Don and Jason have come to realize that many clients have a mistrust of personal injury lawyers and fear being taken advantage of. Most of the firm’s clients come to them through either direct marketing or referral; Don and Jason wanted a website that would both address client fears and encourage other attorneys to feel comfortable referring to them.

The Website

The firm’s attorneys know their practice and clientele, and had strong ideas about what they wanted in a website. Our website design process was created to incorporate attorneys’ unique knowledge and preferences into the design of their website.

One of the challenges Wruck Paupore PC faced was the reality that different types of injury clients have different needs; for example, car accident injury victims have different concerns than families of seniors injured in a nursing home. In order to allow the attorneys to communicate appropriately with various demographics, The Modern Firm structured the site so that readers can easily access the information that is relevant to their needs and bypass the rest.

We also listened to the attorneys’ input about the things that are important to their clients, and addressed those issues prominently on the site. A highlight of Wruck Paupore’s approach is helping clients get answers quickly; accordingly, an easy-to-use contact form is available right on the firm’s homepage. Like Wruck Paupore PC, we believe in listening to our clients and meeting their needs.

The full website may be viewed here:
Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

Located in Dyer in northwest Indiana, Wruck Paupore PC serves clients throughout Indiana and in parts of Illinois.

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