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Houston, Texas attorney Amy Collins has over a decade of litigation experience, including eight years focused solely on multidistrict litigation. Several years ago, during one of her cases, Amy started working with the common benefit fee committee in the litigation. The caliber of Amy’s work led to requests for her common benefit assistance from counsel in other multidistrict litigation.

After gaining substantial experience, Amy decided to cultivate the niche by marketing her services as a common benefit consultant. Through Amy L Collins, PC, she offers independent third-party common benefit advisory services to lead counsel, fee committees, and courts in multidistrict litigation. She provides a range of services, including process and criteria development, report preparation, and submission review.

The Website

“Common Benefit Fee and Expense Advisor For Multidistrict Litigation”

As Amy accumulated clients in her common benefit practice, she realized that she needed a website where prospective clients could learn about her services and background. She turned to The Modern Firm.

While TMF clients typically are attorneys with solo practices or small law firms, we also help lawyers in non-traditional roles who offer unique services. Amy is exactly the kind of client we assist in that regard. The goal is to design a website that promotes and explains the services in a way that addresses the lawyer’s ideal audience.

Our team worked closely with Amy to create a website that describes her singular services in a straightforward manner and validates Amy’s background and experience. The result is a website presents Amy and her services to lawyers and courts in a visually appealing and informative manner.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

From her office in Houston, Texas, Amy Collins provides independent third-party common benefit consulting and auditing services nationwide in multidistrict litigation.

Amy L. Collins, P.C.  
2925 Richmond Avenue, Suite 1725
Houston, TX 77098Phone: (281) 788-7697

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