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When the international patent lawyers from CHIP LAW GROUP approached the Modern Firm to handle their new law firm website, we knew it was going to break some molds. The firm’s owners are inventors and entrepreneurs as well as lawyers. That meant we asked to create a site that kept up with their cutting edge thinking with precise content and compelling use of icons and visuals that would inspire their clients to create and protect new ideas.

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Chicago-Based International Intellectual Property Firm Serves Startups and Tech Companies Worldwide

The CHIP LAW GROUP’s lawyers bring a lot to the table. With diverse technology backgrounds, years of experience working in-house for cutting edge companies, and over 75 patents of their own, these Intellectual Property attorneys have a lot to offer high-tech start-ups and large companies alike. With offices in Chicago, Illinois and Tokyo, Japan, CHIP LAW GROUP is a truly international firm. They even asked us to include a Japanese translation of the site, to better serve their Asian clientele and help them obtain patent protections here in the U.S. and internationally through a network of regional experts.

Law Firm’s Website Focuses on Easy Visual Navigation for International Clients

Because they work with international companies from Asia and around the globe, the CHIP LAW GROUP needed a website that spoke through imagery as well as written content. Our web designers worked with them to pick just the right images to convey innovation and a creative spirit, and to select a host of icons and buttons that conveyed meaning, even if the words got lost in translation.

Custom Content Demonstrates the Firm’s Technological and Legal Expertise

At the same time, their work in intellectual property is highly sophisticated and technically complex, both legally and scientifically. That meant we had to take special care to present their company accurately and demonstrate their expertise in this complicated practice area. Our attention to detail made sure that the content we provided lived up to the promise made by the new website’s visual imagery.

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