Gainesville, Florida Lawyer Gets a Website Design as Approachable as He Is


We love working with solo lawyers and small firms that put the clients’ needs first. When McCabe Harrison came to us for an approachable website design for his estate planning law firm in Gainesville, Florida, we knew he was a perfect match.

At the Modern Firm, we always try to highlight what makes our law firm clients special. With McCabe, that was easy.

"Securing Today for Peace of Mind Tomorrow."

Harrison Estate Law is focused on providing real and practical assistance to their clients, just like us. The firm offers estate planning, trust, and administration assistance to individuals and families across central Florida. McCabe and his staff offer individualized assessments of their clients’ assets and needs to make sure the estate plan fits. Then they take their service to the next level. With an LLM in taxation, McCabe takes estate planning beyond the Will, to address issues like asset protection and gift strategies. The firm’s trust-funding services walk clients step-by-step through the process of transferring assets and accounts into their newly formed trust. That way they know everything is set up properly when the time comes to use it.

We were able to set Harrison Estate Law up with a website design as approachable and practical as he is. Its image-forward layout and easy-to-access practice area buttons were perfect to help older clients and their families navigate the site. We paired a robust FAQ page with ongoing blog-writing support, making the website a go-to location for potential clients looking for a lawyer with the compassion, intelligence, and formal training to take on their estate planning issues.

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The full website may be viewed here:

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Harrison Estate Law, P.A., is based in Gainesville and serves clients across Florida.

Harrison Estate Law, P.A.
925 NW 56th Terrace, Suite C

Gainesville, FL 32605

Phone: (352) 559-9828

The Modern Firm has worked on countless website designs for estate planning attorneys. A great website in this area of practice benefits attorneys and their clients, alike, because folks often compare and contrast estate planning attorneys online and because the practice centers on client education. An approachable estate planning website packed with helpful resources can be a tremendous asset to an estate planning law firm.

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