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When you practice immigration law, you have to think globally. The professionals who work at The Law Offices of Sheila Starkey Hahn are based in Fredonia, New York and Memphis, Tennessee—but they serve clients all over the United States and the world. Those clients include both businesses that want to hire foreign nationals and individuals who need help with things like bringing family members to the United States. Attorney Sheila Hahn speaks Spanish fluently, and is actively involved in immigration issues through speaking, writing, pro bono work, and leadership roles in the American Immigration Lawyers Association. With so much going on, and potential clients literally anywhere, this small firm needed a big Web presence.

The Website

Immigration Law Firm

One nice feature of the website we designed for the firm is its FAQ page, which is organized according to the type of visa or other legal matter being discussed. This is a very client-centered feature, since clients who are seeking H-1B visas are probably not looking for information on defenses to deportation. The site also contains a testimonials page, which we like using when it makes sense (often for direct-to-consumer practices like Hahn’s) because it gives browsing potential clients a reason to stay put.

Another prominent feature of Hahn’s website as of today is something we wish we didn’t offer: A popup window that appears when visitors first arrive at the home page, explaining how the COVID-19 pandemic affects the firm and the federal immigration agencies. This is a feature available to all of our clients, and as with every client, we worked with the firm to determine what it should say. Theirs provides an update on coronavirus-related changes in the federal immigration agencies, then says the firm remains open and provides contact information for concerned clients. We would love it if no law firm needed this, but under the circumstances, we were pleased to be able to offer it to Hahn and her team. We hope they and their clients are staying healthy and safe under these trying circumstances.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

Based in Fredonia, New York and Memphis, Tennessee, the Law Offices of Sheila Hahn offers immigration law services throughout the United States to both individuals and businesses.

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