Experienced Detroit Litigators Create Law Firm Website for New Partnership


The law firm of Schenk & Bruetsch PLC is relatively new on the Detroit legal scene, but the firm’s partners are seasoned litigators who are well known in Southeastern Michigan. After decades practicing in other law firms, litigating commercial disputes and helping clients with government law and contracting matters, they decided to join forces in their own firm. Schenk & Bruetsch has assembled a hand-picked team of attorneys at the top of their profession whose skill set matches the needs of the firm’s clients.

The courtrooms and government offices in which they advocate are familiar to the firm’s attorneys. The administrative details of running a law firm, however, are brand new. One of the first orders of business: creating a law firm website to let clients and colleagues know of the new partnership, and what the firm offers to its clients.

The Website

Attorneys in large law firms are presumed to be highly skilled; otherwise, clients reason, the firm would not have hired them. Attorneys in smaller firms are equally skilled, but may have to work harder to show it. Fortunately, a good website can do a lot of the heavy lifting in that regard.

The attorneys of Schenk & Bruetsch are litigators with deep experience in complex cases, including those involving governmental entities. They are also skilled negotiators with deep roots in the Detroit area. The website design needed to convey both the firm’s sophistication and the importance of Detroit to its identity. A breathtaking image of the Detroit skyline at dusk, buildings aglow against the evening sky, dominates the home page and accomplishes both goals. The blue and gold tones of the photograph echo the colors the firm selected for its branding.

The site features clean lines, responsive design, and easy navigation. With the help of The Modern Firm’s projects team, the attorneys developed a plan for the site’s content that would showcase the attorneys’ background, practice philosophy and skills. Schenk & Bruetsch also opted for The Modern Firm’s website hosting and upkeep services to free the firm’s attorneys to focus on what they excel at—the practice of law.

The full website may be viewed here: www.sbdetroit.com
Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

Schenk & Bruetsch PLC represents clients in Metropolitan Detroit and throughout Southeastern Michigan.

Schenk & Bruetsch PLC
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