Elizabeth City, NC Solo Attorney Showcases 40 Years of Experience


Outer Banks NC attorney Keith Teague believes that "a good name is better than riches." And his career certainly bears that out. Beginning practice in 1973, he tried hundreds of cases as an assistant D.A. for North Carolina's First Judicial District. He later entered private practice, bringing his familiarity with the local courts to clients in criminal defense, DUI and personal injury cases.

At The Modern Firm, we often impress upon our attorney clients, when we design their websites, that people hire people, not just legal skill sets. And Keith's new website does a particularly great job of showing not just what he does, but who he is. For example, although his biography appropriately opens on his background and current services, it also lets the reader in on how committed Keith is to his family. Moreover, it includes a great first-person statement from Keith that says it all:

If you’ve got a good reputation, people will seek you out and hire you. I’ve pretty much tried to build a practice based upon who I am and my reputation as a person. A lot of what I do is to help people through very difficult times. I just love helping people. If I couldn’t get up in the morning and feel that I couldn’t help someone in their difficult times, I just wouldn’t do the job. That’s how I’ve been able to do it for this length of time.

The Website

"Serving North Carolina for Over 40 Years"

Of course the new website features basics such as Keith's areas of practice, including North Carolina traffic ticket defense for Outer Banks visitors who have since returned to their home states. But it also has great elements you might not expect from an attorney in his fourth decade of practice. For example, an easily accessed payment page allows the firm's clients to make online credit card payments. And a great video, that plays right on the website, gives site visitors a real sense of Keith's personality, commitment to clients, and absolute integrity during the legal process.

The full website may be viewed here: www.keithteague.com.

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

From the office in Elizabeth City, D. Keith Teague PLLC serves all of the Outer Banks and Northeastern North Carolina.

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