Eliot, Maine Law Firm Debuts New Website by The Modern Firm


Dave Bobrow and Patrick Bedard together have more than 45 years of experience practicing law.  From their office in Eliot, Maine, the two lawyers serve clients in Maine and New Hampshire.  Occasionally, they handle cases in Massachusetts as well.

Bedard & Bobrow, P.C. takes pride in aggressively representing clients and providing the highest level of client service.  Their practice covers virtually any type of legal matter a client may encounter.

The firm’s cases sometimes receive media attention.  One of the most celebrated cases involved saving a dog named Dakota from a court-ordered death sentence.  The case included a high-profile pardon for Dakota from Maine Governor Paul LePage, which the court refused to recognize in ordering Dakota’s euthanization.  During an appeal from the order, Attorney David Bobrow helped broker a court settlement that saved Dakota’s life. 

While most cases do not receive the attention of Dakota’s case, the two attorneys treat every client and each case with equal importance.  Their own words best sum up their dedication and range of experience:

We work as many hours as needed to meet your needs, which includes nights, weekends, and holidays. What also sets us apart is that we will give you the best advice on how to proceed because there is likely no legal situation you are involved in that we have not seen at least once — and usually many times and sometimes hundreds of times — and we can direct you on the best way to proceed so you get the result you want.

The Website

The Modern Firm’s website design for Bedard & Bobrow begins with an eye-catching Home page featuring a full color photo of the courthouse in Rockingham County, New Hampshire.  In the pages that follow, a magnificent black-and-white photo of the Maine seacoast provides a welcoming backdrop for information about the lawyers and the firm’s practice.

One of the most interesting features of the site is a page of Success Stories that illustrates many of the firm’s accomplishments.  The page also provides visitors with examples of the wide range of the firm’s practice.

The full website may be viewed here: www.bedardbobrow.com.

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

Located in Eliot, Maine, Bedard & Bobrow attorneys practice primarily in Maine and New Hampshire, and occasionally in Massachusetts.

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