Edina, MN Family Law Firm Highlights 20 Years’ Experience With New Website Design


When you have 20 years’ experience in one area of the law, your skill tends to speak for itself. Even so, as Edina family law attorney Betsy Anding decided, sometimes it’s good to have a new website as an amplifier. Anding Law Office, P.A. has been representing clients in the Greater Twin Cities area of Minnesota in divorce and other family law matters for over two decades.

Betsy Anding built her practice by offering family law clients dedicated, personal attention: she handles every aspect of every family law case herself. Part of that service includes educating clients about their divorce options in Minnesota so that they can have a dispute resolution process that suits them. Anding Law Office offers both traditional, litigated divorce for those who prefer the structure of court proceedings, and collaborative divorce for those who want the flexibility to design their own divorce settlement on their own time frame with the support of professionals.

About the Website

Betsy wanted the website to reflect the uniqueness of her practice and the community she has represented for her entire career. The Modern Firm offers a portfolio of law firm website designs that attorneys can search by practice area, firm size, city size, or state to find a look that suits them. Anding Law Office, P.A.’s site was customized with Betsy’s color preferences, including rich purple and neutral tones which complement and highlight the colors of the website’s photography, including local landscapes.

Busy with her practice, Betsy also delegated the website’s content writing to The Modern Firm’s law firm website writing services. All of our writers are attorneys or former attorneys, so they are familiar with legal topics and can write fluently about them. As it happened, Betsy was able to work with a writer who had practiced in the exact same legal areas that Anding Law Office, P.A., focuses on.

The full website may be viewed here: www.andingfamilylaw.com.

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

From its office in Edina, Anding Law Office, P.A. serves clients in Minnesota, St. Paul, and the surrounding seven-county metropolitan area.

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The Modern Firm has worked with many family law attorneys who focus their practices on collaborative divorce. We know the importance for these attorneys of educating their potential clients about the range of divorce options — and how alternative options can benefit not just the spouses, but their children. Through WordPress post-types customized for our law firm clients, we offer easily updated education-oriented formats like FAQ sections and blogs, which are also optimized for search engines.

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