East Brunswick, NJ Business Law Firm Launches New Website Design

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Wilkinson Law LLC represents business clients ranging from small start-ups to established multinational corporations. The New Jersey firm's clients are located throughout the state and beyond, in industries ranging from architecture to pharmaceuticals to technology. Attorney and principal Anthony Wilkinson works with businesses at every phase of their life cycle.

Despite the wide-ranging sizes, locations, and needs of the firm's clients, they have one thing in common: they benefit from Wilkinson Law's unique approach to practice, which Anthony Wilkinson summarizes as TRACK: Trustworthy, Reliable, Available, Caring, Knowledgeable.

This practice philosophy is the axis around which the firm's work revolves. Anthony Wilkinson works to offer clients counsel based on knowledge not only of the relevant law but of their particular industry. He also believes that knowledge is not enough: an attorney should be available when a client needs him, and the client should be able to trust that the attorney cares about the client's business and will be there whenever needed.

The Website

"Trustworthy Business Advisors Keeping Your Business on Track"

Wilkinson Law's website is arranged differently from most business law firm websites. Rather than focus on conventional "practice areas," or what the attorney offers, the site is organized around client business objectives, whether starting or investing in business, protecting business interests, increasing business revenue, or decreasing business overhead. Clients and prospective clients can easily navigate the site to identify the area of most interest to them.

Business objectives are listed on the Home page with links to the full text of each business objective page. There is also a clear menu above the banner picture on the Home page that allows readers to navigate quickly to areas of interest.

The site design features crisp blue tones suggestive of a professional environment. The centerpiece of the Home page is a changing banner photograph with images of business and legal settings, along with changing text that highlights the advantages of working with Wilkinson Law.

The full website may be viewed here: www.wilkinsonlawllc.com.

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Wilkinson Law LLC, located in East Brunswick, New Jersey, serves business clients throughout New Jersey and across the United States and internationally.

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