Decatur, GA Education and Election Law Attorney Goes to the Head of the Class with New Website


Sometimes, our life experiences shape what we do; other times, what we do shapes our experiences. For attorney Ann Brumbaugh of The Law Office of Ann S. Brumbaugh, LLC in Decatur, Georgia, it’s a bit of both. Earlier in her law career, having to balance family needs and her profession led Ann to work part-time as an assistant Attorney General prosecuting teacher misconduct. As her children grew and her career evolved, she accepted a position with the Georgia State Elections Board and then headed up a bipartisan committee to redraft the Georgia Election Code.

When the time came to establish her own law firm, Ann’s experiences as a prosecutor and elections attorney informed her decision to focus on Georgia education law and election law, as well as other areas of administrative law.

As a true solo attorney, Ann’s traits, skills, and experiences are what sets her firm apart. As a solo with niche practice areas, Ann needed a website that conveys not only what she does, but what makes her firm unique.

The Website

Ann’s practice is concentrated in a few areas that are related in the sense that they involve administrative law, but most clients who are referred to her will be seeking help with either election law or education law, not both. The design of the website’s homepage features buttons allowing clients to easily navigate to the practice area they need and bypass what they don’t.

Ann’s work with teachers often involves protecting their livelihoods, a deeply personal issue of great importance to her clients. The website is designed to convey not only Ann’s professional competence, but her personality and what it’s like to work with her. Testimonials and FAQ pages provide prospective clients with the reassurance they need that Ann cares about, and can protect, their rights.

Few things are more frustrating to a prospective client in search of answers than a website that doesn’t work well. We replaced Ann’s previous, outdated website with a user-friendly site with responsive design that’s easy to use from any size screen. Like Ann herself, the website is focused on making life easier for her clients.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

The Law Office of Ann S. Brumbaugh is located in Decatur, Georgia, east of Atlanta.

The Law Office of Ann S. Brumbaugh, LLC
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