Dallas TX Law Firm Website Design: Impressive; Not Flashy

Dallas TX Law Firm Website Design

It got interesting when the conversation turned to Dallas litigator Jeff Tillotson's opinion of the actor who portrayed him in a recent movie. This is not often a topic of discussion for any of us, given the surprisingly sparse portrayal of law firm website designers in modern film. So we had great fun hearing about Jeff's experience watching "himself" on the big screen, as well as about his practice, overall.

Sure, he's crossed paths with many a celebrity. But the Tillotson Law Firm is equally well-known for solid advice and consistent courtroom success in exceedingly complicated trials none of us have heard about — and which many of us couldn't understand, even if we had!

The Website

"Distilling complex issues into persuasive arguments"

The law firm's new website design intentionally walks a line between the oft-publicized nature of some of Jeff's work and his solid, non-flashy reputation. The site indeed houses nicely presented lists of his mentions in the media as well as the firm's many honors and awards. But there is nothing wild or flashy-but-difficult-to-use about it. Rather, it was built using a solid, compact design rooted by slate blue navigation and details, firmly grounding the attorneys' online presence.

The full website may be viewed here: www.tillotsonlaw.com.

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio

With offices in Dallas, the Tillotson Law Firm litigates throughout Texas as well as elsewhere in the U.S.

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