Columbus, Ohio Family Law Firm Emphasizes Skill, Compassion on Website

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Massucci Law Group LLC devotes its entire practice to Ohio family law, but firm founder LeeAnn Massucci takes a broad view of serving clients who are facing divorce or other family legal issues. At Massucci Law Group, the focus is not just a "win" in the courtroom, but empowering clients who are going through challenging personal transitions and helping them get their lives back.

Of course, winning in the courtroom is important, too, and Massucci Law has a strong track record there, including a groundbreaking victory in the Ohio Supreme Court involving issues of LGBTQ family law. The firm has also been recognized with a listing in the top ten of the April 2017 Columbus CEO Leaderboard ranking of the Top Twenty Family Law Firms in Central Ohio.

Massucci Law has assembled a team of hand-selected attorneys and staff dedicated to working with clients on Ohio divorce. custody and support matters as well as issues such as grandparent rights, domestic violence, adoption, and LGBTQ family law issues.

LeeAnn Massucci took a somewhat unconventional path to becoming the head of a law firm, serving first for 13 years at as the head women's tennis coach at The Ohio State University and then owning a local coffeehouse. In retrospect, however, she feels it all fits together and led her to where she was meant to be: the competitive spirit that spurred her to success in tennis now drives her advocacy in a different type of court; she still serves the community as she did in the coffeehouse, but now in a deeper and more meaningful way.  

The Website

"Compassionate Legal Support for Ohio Families"

Family law is an intensely personal practice area, so it was important that the Massucci Law's website help potential clients feel a sense of connection with the attorneys from the start. This was accomplished by the use of numerous welcoming pictures of the attorneys and staff starting on the Home page and echoed throughout the site. The attorney profiles offer both personal and professional background on the legal team, helping readers to have a sense of the people with whom they'll be working.

The Home page of the site features a panoramic image of the Columbus skyline, signifying the community in which the firm is based. The muted purple tones in the site's color scheme are at once professional and unique, like the firm itself.

The full website may be viewed here:

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Based in Columbus, Ohio, Massucci Law Group serves family law clients in Franklin County and throughout Central Ohio.

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