Wow. That's a classy law firm website.


The Modern Firm's law firm website design and marketing team is pretty tight despite the fact that many of us work hundreds of miles from others of us. We meet regularly to discuss new projects and to coordinate our service to clients, making it as easy and seamless for clients as we can. But sometimes we still manage to surprise each other.

Witness the new website for Smith & Downey, P.A., a national employee benefits and labor law firm. Our content team worked closely with the firm for weeks to polish great text for their new website. We thought long and hard about the best ways to present the firm's publications, presentations, and important e-alerts for their clients. We thought we had a pretty good picture of the structure of the site.

But then we got to see the actual completed design! And, regardless that most of TMF's website designs begin from our library of law firm website design templates, we got our socks knocked off.

There are so many different kinds of website designs for lawyers, all of which appeal to different audiences and are most appropriate for certain kinds of law practices. The new design for Smith & Downey fits this sophisticated firm to a "T". Serif fonts with plenty of room to breathe are offset by prominent — yet tasteful — buttons inviting the reader to explore other relevant areas of the site. And the home page takes the cake with a series of beautiful photos representing the coast-to-coast nature of the practice.

We're super impressed, Trinity, Chris and Bryan!

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio

Based in Baltimore, Smith & Downey maintains a nationwide practice with additional offices in New York, Washington D.C., Charleston, and Sarasota.

Smith & Downey, P.A.
320 E. Towsontown Blvd., Suite 1 East 
Baltimore, Maryland 21286
Phone: 410-321-9000
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