Awesome Website for Chicago Wage & Hour and Employment Attorneys!

We think it's pretty awesome, anyway! Some law firm websites just come together naturally, thanks to a well-defined vision that perfectly melds the right aesthetics with great writing. With their established, focused practice, it wasn't difficult to work with the Chicago wage and hour attorneys of Nolan Law Office to create such a vision. 

This two-attorney team, led by veteran Chicago employment attorney Tim Nolan, is committed to helping workers realize their rights under Illinois and federal law with regard to a range of issues from unpaid minimum wages and overtime pay to employment discrimination and contract negotiations. With regard to their wage & hour work,

Tim observes that most of his clients are low or middle-income individuals who are incredibly industrious and devoted to their families, often laboring 80 hours per week or more. Some of them are undocumented, but hope to become citizens, so they continue to work hard, obey the law, and pay their taxes. These workers usually receive no benefits and are often exploited by employers. Tim derives great satisfaction from getting relief for people who work so hard and are treated so poorly by employers.

Tim is joined by Chicago employment attorney Nick Cholis, an experienced advocate and recognized legal writer whose work on trends in wage & hour and employment law has appeared in the Illinois Bar Journal.

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Our clients deserve our best work.
Our clients deserve support.
Our clients deserve justice.

The new website outlines the firm's practice areas, representative cases, history and philosophy. Important features include information en Español for Illinois-based Spanish speaking workers and a wage & hour form (in English and Spanish) that allows the firm to collect additional information from prospective clients in order to analyze their claims.

And, in our biased opinion, the site just looks awesome.

Based in Chicago, Nolan Law Office works with employees throughout Northern Illinois.

Nolan Law Office
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The new website may be viewed here:

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