Chicago Area Intellectual Property Law Firm Launches New Website for International Practice


In the twenty-first century, a company's most valuable asset often isn't its physical plant or its inventory, but its intellectual property, including patents and trademarks. If that property is not effectively protected, a business could lose millions of dollars, or perhaps fail altogether.

Henry Query, P.C. understands what is at stake in the protection of intellectual property. Attorney Henry Query is a registered patent attorney. His background includes 25 years in private law practice centered around intellectual property as well as having served as lead IP counsel for a large, multinational corporation. He currently represents the intellectual property interests of entities ranging from individual inventors to a Fortune 500 company.

Henry's background has allowed him to witness the risks and costs of failure to properly protect and license intellectual property. His practice focuses on helping his clients to proactively prevent those problems. Henry emphasizes drafting that is clear and concise, to avoid confusion as to a client's rights, and comprehensive, to cover all possible issues that might arise. With a network of connections worldwide, he is able to help clients get a patent filed almost anywhere in the world.

The Website

"Leveraging IP to Help Your Business Compete and Grow"

A large, vivid image of the Chicago skyline anchors the site's home page, standing out against the site's crisp white background. Like attorney Henry Query's own work, the site is at once straightforward and comprehensive, featuring simple-to-use navigation and plain English with a minimum of technical jargon. The writing is carefully composed to help readers clearly understand the firm's services and their benefits.

Attorney Henry's unique experience and approach are much of the firm's draw, so his attorney profile features a brief narrative about his background, along with visually accessible bullet-pointed lists of his credentials. Because much of the firm's practice revolves around mechanical and electro-mechanical inventions, the images on each practice area page subtly reflect this focus.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

Based in Wheaton, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, the firm serves clients throughout the United States and internationally.

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