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Southwest Chicago attorney Matt Hess isn't fresh off the turnip truck. After over 10 years of complex law firm litigation, he built his own law firm in 2016 on a foundation of wisdom and compassion.

After spending thirteen years litigating heartbreaking cases in the court system, Mr. Hess decided that he had a higher calling. Seeing the ways in which families were impacted by acts of medical and nursing home negligence – emotionally and financially – impacted him greatly. Mr. Hess determined that the best use of his time and legal skills would be to work on behalf of individuals, families and small businesses, to help them prepare for the unknown and to provide compassionate assistance in times of trouble.

His new endeavor, Hess Law Firm, offers legal services including estate planning, elder law, medical malpractice and small business law. Focused on individuals, families and small businesses in Southwest Chicago, he is committed to this guiding principle: "Everyone in need of help - whether an individual, family or small business - deserves the knowledge, insight and responsiveness of a qualified lawyer."

The Website

"The family lawyer is becoming extinct. But legal expertise should not be a luxury."

Because Matt is an accessible, local lawyer committed to holistically meeting his clients' needs, his website opens — of course — with Matt. His personable smile is just as important as all the SEO in the world. 

Other features of the site include home page buttons summarizing his four primary areas of practice, so site visitors can easily identify and click through to what they need. We also took care to highlight the two most important pages of an attorney website: the attorney biography and client testimonials page. In the potentially impersonal world of the internet, it is no surprise that — across our 100s of websites — analytics suggest that the most clicked-on pages are the biographies and testimonials, which give potential clients a more human insight into an attorney and what it is like to work with him.

The full website may be viewed here:

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Hess Law Firm serves Southwest Chicago.

Hess Law Firm, LLC
10540 South Western Avenue, Suite 409
Chicago, IL 60643
Phone: (312) 238-9380

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