New Logo and Website for Baltimore Workers' Comp and Injury Attorneys


Since 1992, Baltimore attorney Mitchel M. Gordon has been focused on providing aggressive representation and obtaining fast results for his clients.

In 2008, the law firm turned into the family business when Mitchel's twin sons joined the practice!

Law Offices of Mitchel M. Gordon now primarily handles workers' compensation and personal injury matters throughout the state of Maryland. 

The Website

"Aggressive Representation. Fast Results."

This semi-customized law firm website is a blend of Design Concept #100 and Design Concept #102. We're thrilled with how this website turned out! Let's take a look at it from top to bottom:


A logo is not necessary but it sure can add a nice touch to a website and other marketing materials. With this project, we dove right into logo design so the law firm could take their branding to the next level. The firm was looking for a logo design that was modern, personable, fun and yet professional all at the same time. 


If you look close enough at the menu, you may consider it slightly untraditional. The first menu item on the left is not the typical “Home” tab. Instead, we used that valuable real estate for the “Why Choose Us” tab. We dig that the first thing the visitor sees is an invitation to learn more about the law firm and what sets them apart from their competition.

Main Body

The main body of this website serves two purposes. First, it informs what visitor what cases the law firm handles. With this design, we were able to list their two main practice areas in a very prominent way. Workers’ Compensation and Auto Accidents are in bold headers, a picture accompanies each practice area, and there are a couple links to an interior pages to help the visitor navigate quickly throughout the site. Second, the contact form is front and center making it super easy to get in touch with the law firm.


We love this modern looking footer. It is divided into four main pieces: a rotating slideshow showcasing the attorneys and office, the contact information, interactive map, and a second menu inviting the visitor to re-engage with the website.

Located in the city of Baltimore, the Law Offices of Mitchel M. Gordon assists clients throughout Maryland.

Law Offices of Mitchel M. Gordon
111 S. Calvert Street, Suite 2700
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: (410) 385-5210

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