Atlanta, Georgia Construction Law Attorney and Mediator Launches Website

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Atlanta, Georgia attorney and mediator Richard Storrs falls into a group of attorneys who The Modern Firm's website design team particularly likes working with. We're often called on by experienced attorneys like Richard who have years of success under their belts — and are ready to start the next chapter of their careers. Whether they are opening their own firms for the first time after leaving Big Law, or transitioning from active litigation to consulting, arbitration or mediation, their resumes are impressive and easy to build an impactful website around.

These sites often have a sort of legacy feel, serving as an extended curriculum vitae for an attorney whose body of work now speaks for itself. They also quite often feature the attorney's work in the community for civic or charitable causes. Focused and savvy, the attorneys partner with our designers and writers to lay out the next steps of their work in compelling text and images.

In Richard's case, his new website highlights his years of work in construction and business law alongside his newly expanded work in mediation and arbitration. The crux of his next chapter? As the site explains, "in his ADR practice, Richard is known for being a creative and experienced mediator, focusing on resolving construction and commercial disputes. He also serves as a respected arbitrator in construction and commercial matters."  

The Website

"Mediation, Arbitration, Construction Law"

Richard's new site is in good company with other Modern Firm solo Georgia attorney websites, such as this one for Atlanta attorney Marc Hershovitz. Fittingly, the home page immediately features Richard's photo and sums up the current nature of his practice in a single, artfully worded paragraph.

Graphic highlights of the site include the dusky blue background with a silhouetted construction scene that is really worth taking a look at in its full size.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio

The Storrs Law Firm is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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