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Michelle was confident she needed to break up the web provider she was with and move on to a company with a more transparent approach. She stumbled across our “Website Rescue” page and gave us a ring. We are so happy that we were a great fit for one another and were able to help her!

Michelle is an Atlanta estate planning and asset protection attorney. During our conversations with her, it was easy to pick up on the both her style and approach. She’s direct and personable at the same time. She also is very up front with her belief that estate planning isn’t just about creating documents. Instead, it’s about creating peace of mind for her clients and their loved ones. On Michelle’s attorney profile page, she touches on the experience of losing her mother and how it propelled her into this area of the law.

While experiencing an enormous amount of grief and loss, I was also faced with resolving the complicated legal mess created by the person she trusted with her goals and wishes — her estate lawyer. Even though my mom had taken steps to get an estate plan in place to ensure her wishes would be fulfilled, the lawyer she had trusted hadn’t taken the time, or perhaps didn’t care enough, to create a plan that would accomplish her goals.

The Website

"Atlanta, Georgia, Estate Planning & Elder Law Services"

Michelle's website is a nice mix between an introduction to the firm and a fantastic resource for Georgia estate planning matters. This website has a handful of free estate Georgia planning resources available to the visitors: videos, webinars, guides, and articles. Like a lot of estate planning attorneys, she often holds seminars on estate planning and elder law issues. We built out a section of the website to highlight all speaking engagements! We really think this website sends the right message and will be extremely useful to Michelle's prospective clients.

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