Alabama Construction Law Website Launched

There's something about attorneys who practice construction law. Over the last few months The Modern Firm website design team has felt privileged to work with a couple of great construction law attorneys — Maplewood, New Jersey attorney Terel Klein and Alabama attorney Jacob Hill, of Jacob W. Hill, LLC. Here's what's so cool about these guys.

First off, they know their stuff. Each seemed to perform as both lawyer and scholar and we worked together to create meaningful content for their respective websites. We learned plenty in the process about things like the time you have to file a New Jersey construction lien and who dictates steel erection sequencing on a construction project.

Second, they're really organized. Sometimes leading a client through the website design process is like trying to get a 10-year-old to come in for dinner: they're busy doing other things. But Terel and Jacob were ahead of us in the game, creating client-oriented content, reviewing and commenting on design specifications ... Any one of us would hire either of them in a minute — and would certainly hate to find ourselves on the opposing side in litigation!

jacob-hill-law-coverFinally, you couldn't find more level-headed, down-to-earth lawyers. As Jacob's new website recounts: 

Jacob feels most at home when he puts on his hardhat and boots to venture out to his clients' construction sites. In fact, seeing the site firsthand often leads to more thoughtful, practical legal solutions.

So, we were more than happy to launch the second of these two law firm sites today — the new website for Alabama solo attorney and professional engineer Jacob W. Hill. After spending most of his life in the field with a family in the construction trade, Jacob provides practical legal advice for individuals and companies throughout the Alabama construction industry. He also advises individuals, sub-contractors and other employers on OSHA requirements and citations. Located in Fort Payne, he works in court and on site throughout the state of Alabama:

Jacob W. Hill, LLC
P.O. Box 680430
Fort Payne, AL 35968
Phone: (256) 996-5586

The new website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

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