A New Website for a Lawyer Offering a New Legal Services Concept


Steve Groom spent his career adding value to a company’s bottom line while also serving as a strategic business partner. He worked as General Counsel and in other executive roles for public companies, and practiced at prominent law firms representing public and private businesses of all sizes.

When Steve decided to open his own law firm, he wanted to offer an alternative to the traditional legal services model that forced clients to choose between retaining outside general counsel or creating an in-house legal department. Steve’s solution, which he calls “fractional general counsel,” allows a business to pay for a predetermined “fraction” of the General Counsel’s time for legal services that are outsourced to an external lawyer.

To help make his vision a reality, Steve hired The Modern Firm to create a new website that would feature Steve’s unique expertise and describe the broad General Counsel services he provides. It was important to Steve that busy business professionals be able to quickly understand the unique value that he can provide.

The Modern Firm worked with Steve to identify his unique brand and the aspects of his practice that set him apart from other business lawyers. Then the design team created a sleek, easy-to-navigate website that features a responsive design. The technology adapts to any screen size so busy professionals can learn about Steve and the services he provides, whether they’re browsing on a phone or tablet or searching on a desktop or laptop. Finally, the content team created compelling, easy-to-read content that explains Steve’s unique value proposition and encourages prospective clients to learn more about the services Steve provides and to make that all-important first contact.     

The full website may be viewed here: www.dedicatedgeneralcounsel.com

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

Dedicated General Counsel is located in Tennessee and serves clients across the country.

Dedicated General Counsel PLLC
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