2014 Law Firm Website Launch Countdown: 4 ...

The next launch in The Modern Firm's 2014 Final Five was for St. Ignace, Michigan, attorney J.D. Praasterink of Praasterink Law, PLC. Serving Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Mr. Praasterink offers a wide range of legal services to meet his clients needs, including Michigan divorce and family law, estate planning and probate law, DUI and criminal defense, business law, real estate law, collections, and bankruptcy.

Michigan's Upper Peninsula offers a few guarantees to its residents: a gorgeous landscape, plenty of outdoor recreational activities, and long, snowy winters. As is favored by many who live there, it also features a relatively sparse populace, often requiring individual law firms to serve multiple cities and counties. Mr. Praasterink thus faced a challenge that many attorneys face: how do attorneys use the internet to reach prospective clients who reside in multiple communities outside the zip code of the law firm's primary office?

The Modern Firm's online law firm marketing team has been coming up with creative ways to conquer this challenge for years. And we're happy to say that we have a few tricks up our sleeves to target multiple communities through a single website, both using pay-per-click / Adwords campaigns and simply using on-page search engine optimization (SEO) within the site. Of course, we work with each firm based on its geographic location and specific practice areas to help determine the least costly, most effective way to use the internet to that firm's advantage.

J.D. Praasterink's new website is thus tailored to his location and, of course, offers other great features enabling him to communicate with prospective clients through a blog, FAQs, and an easy-to-use online contact form. The website also allows his current clients to make payments online through the secure credit card processor of the firm's choice.

Praasterink Law serves clients throughout the Eastern Upper Peninsula from offices in St. Ignace:

Praasterink Law, PLC

440 North State Street

St. Ignace, MI 49781

Phone: (906) 643-8600

The new website may be viewed at: www.praasterinklaw.com.

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