Wyoming Personal Injury Attorney Signs on for Website Design

For over 40 years, Cody, Wyoming, personal injury attorney Stephen L. Simonton has been advocating for Wyoming residents and visitors. Steve helps individuals and families get back on track after devastating injuries and accidents. Steve works with injury victims involved in a range of accidents, from car, truck and motorcycle crashes, to ranch, industrial and oil field accidents.

Steve Simonton's mission as an attorney is to achieve justice for injured individuals fighting insurance companies. He understands the difficulty of going it alone when an insurance company is denying claims for rightful recovery. He also understands how difficult it can be for accident victims to meet daily financial obligations, much less pay lawyers, doctors and experts: he does not charge up front fees to his personal injury clients, but recovers fees only if his clients recover.

The Modern Firm is excited to work with Steve to update his web presence with a new, mobile-responsive solo attorney website. The site's graphics will feature, among other things, local photography from breathtaking Cody, Wyoming—a gateway to Yellowstone—where the law office is located. We will also work with Steve to enhance the written content of his site for search engine optimization—or SEO—so that clients in need of personal injury law services in Wyoming can more easily find him on the web. Additional services in our law firm website design package include proper setup and registration of the law firm in the Google+ local search database and submission of the new website to Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

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