Delicious Website Designs for Small Law Firms


There's nothing like the smell of fresh law firm websites brewing. After sustainably harvesting code from around the world, we select the best varietals for our attorney clients. Then, we offer a private taste test for each new client to determine which website design — or blend — suits each firm's palate and personality. The result? A rich new concoction for each firm, made to exacting specifications and sure to please its customers.

Three new law firms that we're pleased to be serving include family law, real estate and litigation attorneys from South Carolina, Maryland and Minnesota. We say it a lot, but we mean it every time: we're genuinely enjoying getting to know these folks and working with them to present their practices in the best light online.

Maryland and D.C. estate planning and probate attorney Cathy Mack has a well-developed practice in transactional work and probate litigation. You want honesty and integrity in legal practice? It's very clear you will find it at the Law Office of Catherine R. Mack. We look forward to working with Cathy and her staff to update her web presence and promote her years of work.

Law Office of Catherine R. Mack
7315 Wisconsin Avenue
Suite 800 West
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
Phone: 301.961.8590

Minnesota real estate attorney Tim Netzell is another solo practitioner with an impressive body of work under his belt. And he exemplifies another of our favorite qualities in solo attorneys: here you will find an attorney with a true passion for his work and clients. In practice for over 20 years, Tim has plenty of work and great clients with whom he has partnered — including some whom he has advised consistently over the course of his whole career. But, far from the state of burn-out we sometimes hear about in the legal field (especially in larger, high volume firms), Tim is excited to work with us on a new website to keep his practice evolving with new challenges.

Netzell Legal Services, PLLC
7900 International Dr., #300
Bloomington, MN 55425
Phone: 952-851-7877

Finally, a big welcome to the South Carolina law firm of Covington Patrick Hagins Stern & Lewis. Yet another well-seasoned firm, these litigators have a great reputation throughout their state. The Modern Firm is enjoying the process of redesigning their website and providing more expansive coverage of their primary areas of practice.

Covington Patrick Hagins Stern & Lewis, LLC
211 Pettigru Street
Greenville, SC 29601
Phone: (864) 242-9000

Welcome Cathy, Lisa, Tim, Stephen and the rest of your firms!

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