Website Design Client Welcome: Kansas Class Action Law Firm

Welcome to the Overland Park, Kansas employment attorneys of Brady & Associates, a successful class action law firm dealing primarily with employment law — particularly with employee wage and hour disputes. Brady & Associates can look forward to a totally revamped website in the coming weeks.

The Modern Firm is constantly developing new tools for allowing class action attorneys to communicate effectively with plaintiffs and prospective class members. We look forward to creating a new custom design for the firm.

Located in Overland Park near Kansas City, Brady & Associates represents workers and others throughout Kansas as well as in other U.S. jurisdictions.

Brady & Associates
10901 Lowell Ave, #280
Overland Park, KS 66210
Phone: 913-696-0925

Welcome Diana and Brady!

What Makes for the Best Website for a Class Action Attorney?

In our experience, class action law firms have unique needs when it comes to a new website, in addition to the common law firm needs, such as mobile-friendly design. Because class action lawsuits involve so many interested parties and notice requirements, we have created a number of firm-specific tools so that attorneys and their staffs can easily update information about their ongoing lawsuits and investigations — from case-related notifications to case-specific opt-in forms. Take a look at some recent sites we've created for an environmental pollution class action law firm an employee wage and hour class action law firm.

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