Newest Maryland Law Firm Website Design Client

Welcome to Our Newest Maryland Law Firm Website Design Client

The attorneys of Maryland's Law Offices of David L. Ruben offer a range of focused services to clients in Glen Burnie and throughout Prince Georges County, Montgomery County, and Baltimore County. The firm includes bankruptcy attorneys, personal injury / auto accident attorneys, and criminal defense attorneys. The firm also offers family law and estate planning law.

Bringing these diverse areas together is attorney David Ruben. Already a sophisticated marketer—and certainly conversant with internet marketing—attorney Ruben turned to The Modern Firm to collaborate on a new responsive design for the firm's primary website. We'll be bringing our expertise in graphic design and web architecture to bear in creating a newly organized and accessible design. We'll also coordinate the website with his other law-related sites. And we look forward to honing in on his law firm marketing goals using Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

Why Google AdWords for online attorney marketing?

Well, as Mr. Ruben himself has learned, online marketing success in many competitive legal markets is best achieved through a combination of efforts, two primary options being AdWords and "organic" marketing through traditional search engine optimization, or SEO. As our SEO and Webmaster, Kristin Lay, often advises:

Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Good, web-optimized content does not just benefit you by allowing your website to appear naturally in web browser search results. It is also critical because it provides prospective clients with the information about your firm's law practice that encourages them to contact you and not a competitor.

AdWords is also helpful in targeting audiences looking for your services—even more so in saturated markets where search results reveal a long list of firms providing similar services. Although it doesn't replace good content, AdWords overcomes some of the mysteries of SEO: as Google algorithms change, the SEO "tricks" of the past no longer work. Although this is generally good news for those of us more interested in meaningful content than in expensive maneuvers designed solely to attract search engines, it can mean disappointment for those hoping for a predictable way to fast-track their sites to the top of the search results using SEO tactics. Enter AdWords: a reliable way to get your firm and legal services in front of the clients looking for precisely those services in your geographic area.

The Modern Firm looks forward to working with the Law Offices of David L. Ruben to make the most of their web presence and connect them with the clients who need them most.

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