New Website Design Client Welcome: Sacramento Healthcare Attorneys

Today The Modern Firm was pleased to welcome the attorneys of Salem & Green, from Sacramento, California. S&G is an established healthcare law practice with an existing but outdated website. We will work with them to update their internet presence with a new, mobile-responsive law firm website design.

Salem & Green works with clients throughout California from their offices in Sacramento:

3604 Fair Oaks Blvd., Suite 200
Sacramento, CA 95864-7256
(916) 563-1818

We look forward to working with you!

Is Your Law Firm Concerned About Google's Preference for Mobile-Responsive Websites?

The Modern Firm believes strongly in creating responsive websites for law firms — that operate as smoothly on tablets, phones and other mobile devices as they do on your laptop or desktop computer — so that you don't have to invest in or maintain a separate mobile app. Learn more here about why we recommend responsive website design for law firms or view our portfolio of responsive designs.

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