Affordable Websites for Lawyers — Why WE Choose YOU


Lawyers choose The Modern firm for website development for a combination of our straightforward, personal service and our affordable pricing for the level and professionalism of service we offer. We've talked a bit before about why lawyers choose us. What about why we choose them?

After all, just like good lawyers, we don't take every "case" that comes in the door — far from it. Rather, we develop websites for law firms whose design and marketing needs fit well into our wheelhouse ... and who treat us with the same kind of straightforward professionalism that we offer to them. We're all about creating long-term relationships here, and those only work if our services will serve your particular business goals, making your investment worthwhile.

So, who are our law firm website design and marketing clients — and why? Say hello to a handful of our most recent new clients:

We're already enjoying working with the Michigan insurance defense attorneys of Crimando & Cleland for many reasons. Perhaps above all, as an established firm, these folks know who their ideal clients are and what those clients are looking for when they visit the firm's website. This helps us to quickly hone in on the exact kinds of text and visual elements that will meet the firm's goals for their new web presence. Based in Mount Clemens, Michigan, the firm practices throughout the state, serving clients (generally insurance companies) from throughout the nation.

Crimando & Cleland, PC
10 South Main
Suite 301
Mount Clemens, MI 48043
Phone: (586) 493-6833

We recently got a new website design project started with similar goals for the respected Tulsa, Oklahoma civil defense firm Titus Hillis Reynolds Love. Actually, their practice is a bit broader than mere civil defense; the firm's attorneys practice in most areas of civil law. But they are particularly well-known for general business litigation and defense of lawsuits against employers and professionals. Again, the firm is established with a good sense of their online audience and its legal needs. Based in Tulsa, they practice throughout Oklahoma as well as in other states for select matters. Their clients are based throughout the country.

Titus Hillis Reynolds Love
First Place Tower
15 E. 5th Street, Suite 3700
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103-4334
Phone: (918) 587-6800

Now, head to the other end of the spectrum. We've also started up great new projects for several smaller firms, each with a more local reach. One such firm is Birkholz & Associates, attorneys in Mankato, Minnesota. While also an established firm, Birkholz Law is evolving with the times and ready to expand their online presence to market to specific communities in Southern Minnesota. We're excited to help, including by coordinating the firm's multiple, practice-area-specific websites and by advising on strategies to build up search engine recognition for those sites over time. Birkholz Law is a great fit for us because the firm has a good sense of their goals for SEM, a well-defined market, and a realistic approach to the costs and benefits of online marketing. With offices in Mankato, St. James and Westbrook, the firm serves clients throughout Southwestern Minnesota.

Birkholz & Associates, LLC
101 South 7th Street
St. James, MN 56081
Phone: (507) 375-3374

Welcome to these and our other recent new clients. We hope you're as excited as we are that we've found each other!

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